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Delta Jack


Delta Jack

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Delta Jack is a 22 year old based in Leeds (originally from Hull) who has worked his way through to gain the respect and support of many high level industry DJs and producers. This support helped one of his latest tracks hit around 6 million plays in just a few months with his follow up track looking set to do the same with over 300 thousand views in just over 1 week. This rise has meant that he is currently being approached by some large names in the industry for remixes, collaborations and signings.

2017 into 2018 is set to be a smash year for Delta Jack as he takes on Deep House.

As a club DJ, Delta Jack is known to rock a crowd with no pre-selected track list for the set he feels his way through his set giving the crowd as much as he can including a lot of his own productions as well as exclusives from other producers and also big dance hits. He is sure to get the party going on the dance floor.